We're a team of professionals providing consultancy beyond borders.

IC Group — A group of people from different countries, background and fields: Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants from different sectors.

More and more companies & organizations are growing, so it the need to reach out to markets in other parts of the world. We have network in many countries around the world and work with companies and organizations who wants to establish their businesses or reach out in Europe, K.S.A, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt.

Government Relations & Public Affairs
Consultancy, Lectures & Seminars

Medical Equipments

Rapid growth of world's population has resulted into more and more demand of healthcare facilities, hence increasing demand of medical equipments as well. Advancement in science and technology in one country is helping other countries to use its latest medical equipments to provide intensive care to their citizens. International Consulting Group is providing its services in this sector as well. We have several suppliers from different countries and we help you to link them with to get advance medical equipments with proper certifications.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

We render different public affairs and communications strategy services. The company provides its services in establishing and maintaining client’s public affairs with governmental organizations:

• Identifying accessible governmental resources to be used by our clients.
• Our clients’ message in accordance with specific governmental objective.
• Contacting target governmental officials and the personnel of governmental bodies.
• Scheduling meetings with and introducing our clients to governmental officials, facilitating access to the personnel of governmental organizations.
• Providing relevant and credible information to key elected officials and government staff to obtain support for our clients’ issues.
• Developing the most appropriate and efficient schemes for obtaining the necessary documents and licenses from different governmental institutions required for starting a client’s business.
• Securing coalitions with interest groups to work more effectively as an advocate on behalf of our clients.

Consultancy, Lectures & Seminars

We can help you with following:

• Organizational structure
• Changes in the organization
• Meeting with other cultures
• How to do successful business
• Leadership
• Inspirational lecture
• Branding, how to make a better image of a company
• organization or a country in other countries

Country Branding

International Consulting Group has unique experience in designing and implementing international image-making campaigns for different countries. We can offer such services as:

• Developing comprehensive nation-branding programs, including strategic planning and tactical campaigns.
• Conducting research on country perception worldwide.
• Designing and carrying out major international events to promote a country.
• Producing visual materials to promote a country, such as TV clips, infomercials and printed marketing materials.

We have offices in Sweden, U.K., U.A.E., Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India and Malaysia. Drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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